Developing Relationships
Delivering Results

With over 10+ years of experience of working with Clients and growing their business through Marketing Strategies and Software Architecture, Onlyn has created a SMART consultancy team that not only advises but also lends services to help start, expand, grow, rebrand, relaunch businesses. We offer help in Ideation, Development, Strategizing, Lead Generation, Customer interactions and growth.

As Business Consultants, Onlyn stands firmly with Business Owners & Managers, Start-up Owners in helping them improve and grow their operations and efficiency.

Start-up consultancy

If you are a start-up, we can help you refine your business operations and management through our robust Marketing and Software departments. You will be offered just the perfect combination of Marketing and branding strategies teamed with the required technical and software products for your Start-Up.

Software Consultancy

Who tells you what the right software, operating system,web platforms or even the right Software Design is for your Business? A Software Consultant is someone who will understand the nature of your business and what is the desired goal you want to achieve off the software- through this understanding a software consultant will Design the perfect Software architecture and work on developing the same for you.

Marketing & Branding Consultancy

As your Marketing and Branding Consultancy we work closely with your Business in designing social media strategies, offline & online Branding strategies, Brand designing/redesigning. We understand how important it is for businesses to be backed by the RIGHT & SMART marketing and branding Designs. We also work with the businesses in helping them generate more leads for their businesses, work on expansion and Growth and increase sales/customers. Using new age technology and tools we work with Small Businesses to